Riviera Nannies Academy
Your path to success, one step at a time.
We give you small career tweaks to move you forward, you choose the pace.
Take charge of your career, step by step, paving your way to the career you dream of.
We know you are good at your job, and we know that you struggle to have consistency and control over the offers you get.

There are gaps, for everyone. For some it's in their communication, for some in the material they present, and for some in the interview.

And we can all improve and work on our negotiating skills, setting boundaries and keeping our integrity intact without conflict. We do all that and more in the Academy!
Each week in the Academy you get a new lesson, along with practical exercises to implement. By making small, manageable tweaks on a consistent and regular basis you will start gaining momentum on your career path.

You will be more in control and your confidence will soar in areas that we as your agent know you need a boost.

We go through your online presence, we prep you for interviews, you learn communication and presentation, we help you set your boundaries and deal with conflict resolution and so much more. All in increments that are designed to keep your pace from overwhelming.
  • Weekly lessons for each candidate level.
  • Group coaching calls to focus on your current issues and the opportunity to learn from each other.
  • Assessments to always know where you are and what to improve.
As you progress through the lessons you unlock surprises and hidden treasures along the way, we want you to succeed and we know that as you do the work your results follow.
You will find:
  • Workshops to boost you.
  • A whole person approach for you to grow.
  • Accountability and assessments.
  • Your toolbox grow every week as you implement the work.

All for your career advancement.
As your agents we see where the challenges lie, and we want to help you improve your approach, your chances of having your dream job and show you that you can have control over where your career goes next.
The only one of its kind, the Riviera Nannies Academy guides and supports your professional development and makes you a stronger candidate regardless of which agency you work with or what jobs you pursue. 
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